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At Dixon™ we are committed to providing ‘the right connection’ for your fluid handling applications. Our world-class customer service, backed by over 100 years of manufacturing expertise and BSI ISO 9001 approval ensures you will receive accurate hose coupling and assembly recommendations for your application requirements. We are proud to design and manufacture fully tested and certified customised solutions to your fluid and air handling challenges.
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Product Categories


Hose and Hose Assemblies

A range of metallic, rubber, PVC, and composite industrial hose assemblies certified to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU are available for a variety of applications.


Pressure Regulators

Product range includes rotary and linear control valves, pressure reducing and back pressure regulators, and vapor control systems (VCI) according PED, ATEX, CE. Available models withstand the high temperatures and pressures found in cryogenic and corrosive fluid applications and aid in maximizing the reduction of fugitive emission.


Control Valves and Tank Blanketing Valves

Provides innovative pressure control solutions for light industrial and utility applications according to PED, ATEX, CE, CRN. Available models withstand the high temperatures and pressures found in cryogenic and corrosive fluid applications and aid in maximizing the reduction of fugitive emission.


Vapor Control Systems

Vapor control systems and flame arresters provide a wide range of safe pressure relief and vacuum service.


Detonation and Flame Deflagration Arrestors

Inline and end of line safety devices are manufactured according ATEX 114 and DIN 16852.


Steam and Water PRV and Control Valves

A wide range of products designed to control temperature, pressure, level, and humidity.


Steam Traps and Strainers

Complete range of steam traps manufactured in multiple materials and sizes (DN15 to DN150), designed for pressures up to 80bar and flow rates of over 100,000 Kgs/h.


Couplings and Fittings

The coupling range includes many options to complement our hose offering whether used to make hose assemblies in-house or for plants, tankers, or machinery. Products include standard crimped couplings, cam and groove, and genuine Boss™ steam fittings.


Hose and Hose Assemblies


Metallic Hoses

•PED compliant, flexible
•Suited to high pressure, high temperature and corrosive applications
•Meeting EN10380 standards
•Available in ANSI 304, 316, 316L, and 321 stainless steel


PTFE Hoses

Suitable for transferring chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, oils, gas, fuels, and steam


Rubber Hoses

•Extruded and mandrel-wrapped
•Designed for air, water, multi-purpose, chemical, steam, oil, LPG, food and beverage, and bulk handling applications
•Certified to relevant standards


Composite Hoses

•Flexible, weatherproof, and abrasive-resistant
•Designed for oil, chemical, cryogenic, and LPG applications
•Assemblies are electrically resistant to <10 ohms to BS5842:1980 clause 6.2 (EN ISO 8031) 


Spiral PVC Hoses

•Designed to transfer a variety of media including: water, slurries, abrasive media, oils, and media in non-food, or food sectors
•Certified to relevant standards


Custom Made Hoses

•Hand-built rubber hose assemblies with built-in or crimped ends
•Designed for applications marine, offshore, dockside, dredging, and heavy industry applications
•Built to bespoke customer's requirements, and according to application


Specialist and Bespoke Hoses

•Designed and engineered to bespoke requirements including heat shrink and jacketed covers

•Metallic and industrial hoses are available with electric heat trace cabling to facilitate heating of the hose body ensuring continuous flow of product


Armoured Hoses

•GSM ball joint armoured
•Available in galvanised steel and
stainless steel
•Suitable for low- and high-pressure conditions including harsh high-pressure hydraulic applications


Pressure Regulators


Model 1000HP

•Self contained
•Flow to open design with extended guiding
• Intended for process fluids and cryogenic applications
•Sizes: 1/2"-2"
•End connections: NPT, flange


Model DA6

•High capacity back-pressure regulator
•Dome loaded with optional pilot and air sets
•Intended for process fluids and cryogenic applications
•Sizes: 1/2"-4"
•End connections: NPT, flange


Model PGR-1

•Pressure loaded
•Flow to open design
•Intended primarily for clean natural gas and fuel gas applications
•Sizes: 1"-4"
•End connections: NPT, flange


Model SLR2

•High performance, self-relieving
•Flow to open design
•Internal pressure balancing piston cylinder
•Sizes: 1/2"-4"
•End connections: NPT, flange


Control Valves and Tank Blanketing Valves


Model 2296/HF

•Pneumatic / Rotork electric actuators
•Compact design
•Available in stainless steel or bronze glove styles, cryogenic options available
•Sizes: 1/2"-2"
•End connections: NPT, flange


Model 988-MB

•Heavy duty control valve provides maximum protection against leakage

•Metallic bellows stem seal with live-loaded secondary stem packing seal
•Sizes: 3/4"-2"
•End connection: flange


Model Ranger QCT

•Universal rotary style
•Versatile, adaptable, and easily maintained
•Quick trim service and dual seating design, Class VI
•Sizes: 1"-8"
•End connection: flange


Model 521

•Globe style
•Unibody is a forged ISO-statically compact virgin TFE block encased
with a 304 stainless steel body cover
•Dual stem seal, quick change trim
•Sizes: 1/2"- 2"
•End connection: flange


Vapor Control Systems


Model 3100/4100

•Weight loaded pressure / vacuum vents, optional spring loaded
•Onsite retrofit is optional
•Sizes: 2"-12"
•End connection: flange


Model 5200

•Low pressure pilot operated
pressure / vacuum vent
•Precision of pilot allows tight seat, leakage closer to set
•Point and full flow available
•Sizes: 2"- 12"
•End connection: flange


Model 1078/1088

•Low pressure, spring operated tank blanketing style, pilot operated optional 
•Sizes: 1", 2"
•End connections: FNPT, flange


Model 2049

•Tank manifold, venting and blanketing over 1 nozzle styles
-Tank nozzle: 2"-12"
-Blanketing connection: 1⁄2"-2"
-Venting connections: 2"-12"
-End connection: flange


Detonation and Flame Deflagration Arresters


Model 7A00

•Inline detonation flame arrester

•Bi-directional horizontal or vertical installation
•Sizes: DN20 –DN300
•End connections: RP, BSP, NPTF, DIN, ASME


Model 6E00

•End of line deflagration flame arrester

•Sizes: DN400 –DN600
•End connections: flange ASME 150, API 650, DIN PN 16


Model 8700

•Emergency pressure / vacuum vents

•Provides relief of excessive internal pressure
•Sizes: DN20-DN300
•End connections: standard DIN Flange EN 1092-1 PN 10.ASME B 16.5


Steam / Water Pressure Reducing and Control Valves


PV25 Control Valve Globe

•Linear actuator

•Single seated direct or reverse acting styles

•Metal-to-Metal sealing standard
•For use in water, super-heated water, steam, air and gas, PN16-PN40, DN15-DN100 applications



•Pilot operated pressure reducing valve

•Soft faced valve plug 
•For use in saturated steam, compressed air and gas, PN16-PN40, DN65-DN100 applications



•Direct acting pressure reducing valve

•Compact design

•Bellows designed provides high durability

•Built in strainer
•For use in steam, compressed air, gas and water applications



•Piston sensing pressure reducing valve
•Direct acting, spring-loaded piston sensing, balanced plug
•For use compressed air, water and gas applications
•Machined from bar stock or investment casting


Steam Traps and Strainers


FLT 141 Float and Thermostatic

•Air vent integrated
•Steam tap series provides modulating and air discharge
•Sizes: 1⁄2"-2"

•End connections: RP, DIN flange, ANSI flange


BM20 Bimetallic

•Simple, robust steam traps and air vents

•Sizes: 1⁄2"-1"
•End connections: RP, DIN flange PN40, ANSI flange
•For steam processes where condensate sensible heat can be recovered to reduce steam consumption; excellent for use with super-heated and saturated steam


IB30SS Inverted Bucket

•Intermittent discharge at steam temperature
•Sizes: 1⁄2"-1"
•End connections: RP, DIN flange PN40, ANSI flange
•Recommended for saturated and super-heated steam applications where efficiency and long life are required

TH36 Thermodynamic and Thermostatic

•For use on kettle cookers, sterilisers, and food and chemical applications where high discharge capacity is required
•Modulating discharge close to steam temperature
•Built in air vent
•Sizes: 1 1⁄2"-2"
•End connections: BSP/NPT , DIN flange, ANSI flange B


Couplings and Fittings


Cam and Groove

•All Dixon, Boss-Lock and EZ Boss-Lock cam and groove couplers and adapters are produced to interchange with all product produced to MIL-C-27487, A-A-59326B Specification


Quick Connects

•A comprehensive range of hydraulic and pneumatic quick connect / disconnect fittings for plant maintenance and fluid handling applications
•Wide selection of materials and sizes available with interchanges to all major manufacturers


Steam Fittings

•Genuine Boss steam fittings include steam adapters, steam clamps, stems, and ground joints


Tank Wagon Fittings

•Tankwagon couplings (TW couplings, tanker couplings, EUROcouplings) are commonly used for loading / unloading of tankers and in chemical, petrochemical or food industry applications
•Manufactured according to EN ISO 14420-6 standard (former DIN 28450)


Storz Fittings

•Used in fire protection systems and for transportation of liquid and dry bulk material found in chemical, food, agriculture, construction, irrigation, sewage transport, and road tanker applications



•Available in a range of sizes and materials
•Split, swivel, TTMA, ASA, PN16 and ANSI options available



•Designed to create hose assemblies used in a variety of applications
•Styles include: heavy duty, spiral, single and double bolt, worm gear, band, I-bolt, and Aero-Seal®

Swivel Joints

•Used wherever a leak-proof swivel connection is needed in pipelines or in combination with hose assemblies to eliminate hose twisting
•Various configurations available


Dry Disconnects

•Full range of dry break and dry disconnect couplings available

•Sizes: 3/4" - 8"
•Variety of body and seal materials available
•Designed for the quick and spill-free connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines


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